Lyon holds first EBSF_2 Demonstration Event at Transport Public in Paris

On 14 June the first EBSF_2 Demonstration Event took place in conjunction with Transport Publics in Paris. The Demonstration Event gathered demonstration partners, public transport operators, and research and coordination organisations to showcase the three technological innovations.

During the event, VTT presented the Energy Management Strategies and Auxiliaries innovations in EBSF_2, the Lyon Demonstration Team, led by IVECO, presented the three technological innovations, and Keolis presented the relevance for the technologies for large bus operators.

The first Lyon technological innovations is the improvement of auxiliary’s management that will lead to a reduction in fuel consumption using smart alternators. Secondly, an innovative ecodrive application is calculating in real-time a dynamic fuel consumption target by taking into account the vehicle operating conditions and assesses a fuel economy performance index. Finally, the work to upgrade hard and software on an IVECO Urbanway Hybrid ZEV 12m to run up to 2 km in ZEV (full electric mode) was presented. IVECO also organised a demonstration of the Urbanway Hybrid ZEV 12m.

Transport Publics, the European Mobility Exhibition, is a biennial exhibition for innovations in equipment, services and policies relating to the entire mobility sector, bringing together leading European decision-makers from transport and politics. The 3 day exhibition hosted 10,000 professional from 58 countries.

The presentations from the Lyon Demonstration Event can be found below.

The next Demonstration Events will take place on 14 September in Barcelona and on 15 November in Paris and focus on innovative ITS for public transport such as Intelligent Garage and ITS interoperability.


1. The EBSF_2 Logic by Michele Tozzi, UITP - Download

2. EBSF_2 Energy Strategies and Auxiliaries by Juhani Laurikko, VTT - Download

3.  Zero Emission Vehicle mode extension for hybrid bus in Lyon by Lionel Blain, IVECO- Download

4. The importance of Energy Stratgies and Auxiliaries for a public transport operator by Alberto González Pizarro, KEOLIS- Download

Monday, June 20, 2016