Green driver assistance system innovation in Spain: the San Sebastian and Madrid showcases

The EBSF_2 San Sebastian and Madrid demonstration teams held on 29 November 2017 an event to showcase the green driver assistance systems EKOBUS and NONVIS. The event was hosted by San Sebastian demonstration leader CEIT-IK4 and local operator Dbus, together with Madrid demonstration leader TEKIA.

In the demonstrator of San Sebastian, two driving assistance systems have been analyzed, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and improving passenger comfort:

EKOBUS system, developed by DATIK and implemented in Dbus since 2015, is a pioneering system in the world, which assists the driver so that his driving is economic and ecological, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and polluting emissions. The EKOBUS system monitors various aspects of driving, and warns the driver through a small screen when situations of excessive consumption occur. Likewise, the system helps the driver in meeting schedules. During the demonstration event it was shown that the EKOBUS system can increase the reliability at every stop and reduce fuel consumption between 5 and 8%.

The NONVIS system, developed by CEIT-IK4, is a complement to EKOBUS that uses a haptic device and a loudspeaker to transmit the indications to the driver, avoiding the use of visual signals. NONVIS analyzes the data recorded by the on-board equipment and, from time to time, calculates the level of driving efficiency, which is known as the EKO level. When driving ecologically and economically, the EKO level increases and NONVIS reproduces a pleasant sound. When the EKO level decreases, the system slightly vibrates the base of the seat to warn the driver.

In the Madrid demonstrator, TEKIA together with CRTM, developed a new method to estimate fuel savings as well as a new indicator to measure driving efficiency without knowing the fuel consumption, having found a good correlation between both measurements.

EBSF_2 will continue its series of Local Demonstration Events on 24 January 2018 with Gothenburg, Sweden, on the subject of Interface between the bus and urban infrastructures. To find out more about these innovations, save the date in your calendar now!

Presentations of San Sebastian and Madrid showcases:

- The EBSF_2 Project by UITP

- About the San Sebastian Demonstrator by CEIT-IK4

- EKOBUS Anti_bunching - Ecodriving  - NONVIS system by Dbus

- EKOBUS by Datik

- NONVIS concept - enhancement and differences with EKOBUS by CEIT-IK4

- Overview of WARM and EBPST by CEIT-IK4

- Integration of the Public Transport System in Madrid Region by CRTM


- Results of ECONBUS by TEKIA

- Conclusions 

Monday, December 11, 2017