Extended autonomy hybrid electric Urbanway tested in Lyon

The Urbanway 12 m electric-hybrid with extended ZEV, which has been tested recently on the Lyon transport network, has achieved up to 4km of autonomy running on electricity only.This IVECO BUS Urbanway was developed as part of the EBSF 2 project.Optimisation of the management of hybrid electric systems and energy efficiency allows the vehicle to travel 4 km in 100% electric mode, which is particularly useful for crossing the heart of city centres.

This hybrid electric Urbanway with extended ZEV was first showcased last June at Transport Publics 2016, the European Mobility Exhibition in Paris, where demonstrations were given in the Exhibition Centre, attracting strong interest from organising authorities and public transport  operators alike. In September 2016, the bus was used as a shuttle service for the IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) exhibition in Hanover, Germany.

For the driver and passengers, smooth acceleration (facilitated by the absence of a gearbox) is among the key advantages of the hybrid series technology with which the IVECO BUS hybrid electric Urbanway is equipped, while the batteries recover large quantities of energy as the vehicle slows down and  contribute to acceleration when starting the vehicle.

The hybrid electric Urbanway ZEV recently tested in Lyon represents a new step in the development of climate-neutral buses.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017