EBSF_2 and MZA Warsaw showcase solar power technology at TRA 2016

The EBSF_2 Project was hosted at the European Commission outdoor exhibition during the Transport Research Arena Conference. MZA, the public transport operator of Warsaw metropolitan area, showcased its SOLARIS Urbino buses equipped with solar power technology. About 80 buses in Warsaw already feature flexible and lightweight photovoltaic cells on the roof as well as converting units specifically designed for public transport buses. The energy collected by the photovoltaic cells support on board power systems, e.g. additional electronic motors, ticket machines and lighting, and account for 1KW of power for the 12m buses or a reduction of the fuel consumption by approx. 5%.

This bus was presented to European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc. Commissioner Bulc discussed with EBSF_2 Project Director, Michele Tozzi, the opportunities offered by solar power technology to optimize the energy efficiency of conventional diesel buses, which represent the backbone of European bus fleets, as well as  the  possibility of combining photovoltaic cells with battery electric buses, as the ones in the fleet of MZA that are part of the ZeEUS project (See: Warsaw is aiming to have one of the cleanest European bus fleet). 

For more information, contact Michele Tozzi: michele.tozzi@uitp.org.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016