Dresden holds demonstration showcase on modular buses

The EBSF_2 Dresden demonstration team held on 21 June 2017 an event to showcase the coupling concept they have developed to allow the modular assembly of vehicle segments.

The core of the demonstration is a new walkable gangway system which enables the operator to separate and connect bus segments to the drawing vehicle individually and therefore increase the flexibility of the services, with regard to capacity, by adapting the bus to the desired demand within a short period of time.

During the event, demonstration leader Fraunhofer IVI and partner Hübner presented the new coupling articulation which have been applied to the AutoTram® Extra Grand – ATEG of Fraunhofer IVI. The solution has been successfully tested at the Fraunhofer test track in Dresden, in cooperation with the local transport operator. A technical visit to demonstrate the fast and easy coupling and uncoupling procedure was arranged for participants. A video can be found via the link here. A state of the art on bus train application and technology was also given by German bus operator, MVG Munich, and industry, Carrosserie Hess. Presentations can be found below.

The demonstration event was followed by the second meeting of the EBSF_2 User Group which featured a workshop on the most innovative functions a bus system should fulfil in the topic of Capacity, Modularity and Accessibility.

The next EBSF_2 demonstration event will take place in London on 19 September on the topic of IT Standards. Mark your calendars and find the Save the Date here.

Presentations of Dresden demo event:

Association of German Transport Companies (VDV): Working bus "bus-train"

MVG: Bus train applications in urban areas  - experience report from Munich 

Modularity:  The EBSF_2 vision 


Monday, July 10, 2017