Cleaner transport for sustainable cities

2016 EuropeanMobilityWeek closed on 22 September with over 2400 participating cities. The theme of this year was 'Smart and sustainable mobility – an investment for Europe’ to highlight the economic benefits of investing in safe and clean transport for people and companies.

During the Revolve Mobility Debate held on 15 September, Umberto Guida, Director of Research & Innovation at UITP, highlighted: "Sustainable cities cannot exist without sustainable mobility. Apart from the shift to renewable energy sources, we should not forget about the shift towards more sustainable transport modes like public transport. It plays an indispensable role to make the cities liveable and less polluted."

The EUROPEAN BUS SYSTEM of the FUTURE 2 (EBSF_2) project showcased its contribution to cleaner and more efficient public transport by bus at the Sustainable Mobility exhibition organised by Revolve Media on the Esplanade of European Parliament in Brussels between 15-21 September. The exhibition featured photos of sustainable mobility solutions on cubes. The exhibition has now moved in front of Gare du Nord in Brussels and will remain on display until 15 October 2016.

The exhibition also features other UITP European research projects that contribute to cleaner transport: ZeEUS (Zero Emission Urban Bus Systems, ELIPTIC (Electrification of public transport in cities) and CIVITAS (Cleaner and better transport in cities).

On 21 September, Barcelona unveiled two electric articulated buses in the framework of the ZeEUS project.

For more information on EBSF_2 please contact Yannick Bousse,

Thursday, September 29, 2016