Bus fleet maintenance: latest news from the Ravenna demonstration team

The latest EBSF_2 demo showcase gathered more than 80 public transport stakeholders, in Ravenna (Italy) on 13 April 2017, to exchange knowledge and experience on innovative bus fleet maintenance tools.

The event was hosted by the local public transport operator Start Romagna in collaboration with the demonstration leader and service provider Pluservice and other key demo partners: Mel Systems, Metatronix, Digimobee and Uniroma1.

The presentations and the interactive technical visit allowed participants to gain first-hand experience of the equipment and software applications currently under test on board the buses operated by Start Romagna. Among them, an oil monitoring and filtering system for predictive maintenance and extension of oil service intervals, which is combined with a software for garage budget planning.

The event was enriched with messages to the audience by Giacomo Costantini, Council member of the Municipality of Ravenna; Marco Benati, President of Start Romagna and Daniela Carbone, Head of Technological Innovations, ASSTRA.

You can read more about the technological innovations developed in Ravenna by Mel Systems here and by Pluservice here.

You can find pictures of the event on the Facebook page of EBSF_2.

EBSF_2 will continue its series of Local Demonstration Events with Dresden, Germany, on 21 June 2017. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017